Archypel emerged out of practical and scientific insights from 2004 and unwards. It shows us the socio-structural, socio-cultural and socio-political effects of technological and organizational changes on organizations and people, and vice versa. It often triggers bureaucratic mechanisms resulting in out-of-control, inflexible organizations.

Out-of-the-box thinking and acting is required to recover and to regain the lost timely adjustment.
Metaphorically, Archypel takes its name from the word archipelago. It refers to the continuous and natural ordering of organizational complexity. Such an ordering offers control as well as change; it (re-)creates the conditions for timely adjustment.

The "Y" in Archypel symbolises this by pointing to the timely adjusted inter-connections between: structure, culture, (IT) systems, and people in relation to the underlying practiced routines, principles and beliefs.